Type of contribution Description Acceptability criteria / refereeing
Novel procedure This paper describes a novel idea, algorithm, procedure or approach useful to solve a practical problem. Referees will check for evidence that the idea and procedure is novel or that it offers some advantage or potential to solve or eventually solve a practical problem.
Insight This idea elucidates a previous or new observation. Referees will check coherency of arguments and the likelihood of it being a true causality with logical and or empirical support.
Experimental confirmation or example The paper presents numerical work which confirms a novel algorithm on existing data, or an already demonstrated algorithm on new data. Referees will check that the data example and the algorithm which addresses this data is a contribution to world knowledge. The example may confirm previous work on a new example.
Synthesis The paper is a review of some aspect of the field. Referees will check that authors are of good standing and that the review is an accurate representation
Proposal with incipient results Typically, but not always, this is research work by a masters or doctoral students on a research line with early results. Referees will check that the ideas and approaches are reasonable and valid and discover/contribute new knowledge or have high potential to do so.
Challenge alert Describes a tradeoff of importance which when overcome can offer gains or insights. Referees will validate that it is a true trade-off of importance. It could represent a lesser known concern indicating an opportunity for technology insertion or an invention.
New problem and important concern or report This paper identifies a social or technical difficulty in science or technology. Referees will check legitimate support that this is a valid concern, the type of problem of concern to society currently not addressed or the difficulty that a particular field must overcome to make significant progress.
Theory, Proof or Tool These describe theorems of importance to the field, e.g., No Free Lunch Theorem, or the proof of a theorem or a tool such as the application of Tropical Mathematics, or a novel computer language or computational method. Referees will judge that the result is interesting and or useful to re-focus or to facilitate advances in the field. The tool may also be a technology lost in time or not well known in the field.
Build or Robot This would describe an engineering creation which was complex to achieve (build challenge), e.g. singing robot using an analogy to the vocal tract. Referees will verify the existence of the creation, maturity of a plan, uniqueness, and degree of difficulty or complexity of the system built or under development.
Experimental measurement or discovery or report This is a standard experimental paper where scientists measure or observe an aspect of nature. Standard review pertaining to experimental measurements, accuracy and significance.

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